December 29, 2012

We’ll “See” You Next Year!

by Hal Gershowitz

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Of Thee I Sing 1776 will, as in the past, take off this holiday week.

We’ll return the first Sunday of 2013. We thank our readers for spending some part of each week with us, and we wish each and every one of you good health and a fair share of the American Dream.

Happy New Year.

Hal Gershowitz and Stephen Porter

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6 responses to “We’ll “See” You Next Year!”

  1. Harriet Bernstein says:

    Happy healthy safe New Year to you–look forward to the next posting

  2. Don Borsand says:

    Congratulations on 2012! Look forward to ur views / insight/ comments in 2013
    Happy NY

  3. Iyablans says:

    Let’s drink to a 2013 that allows reconciliation and a return to common purpose by our elected leaders.

  4. Merle Lask says:

    Dear Hal and Steve,
    Thanks for another year of Of Thee I Sing. May this year be blessed with peace and hope for a better tomorrow.

  5. David Walters says:

    You fellows did an outstanding job of presenting the facts
    on your weekly subject matter. May I suggest that y’all
    replace our President and Vice-Preseident! I can’t wait
    to find out what is on your mind in 2013. Dave

  6. I have been remiss in reading your wonderful
    commentaries. My resolution and the only one, is to enlighten
    myself with your fabulous insights! I have only read a few
    of your papers and they were unbelievable. Thank you both
    for what you do! I also want to wish you both a fantastic 2013.
    From your future enlightened reader,

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