May 12, 2015

“Of Thee I Sing 1776” Going On Sabbatical

by Hal Gershowitz

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There will be “a pause” in the publication of our weekly “Of Thee I Sing 1776″ essays while co-editor and essayist Hal Gershowitz completes the sequel to his current novel, “Heirs of Eden.” We plan to resume publication of our weekly commentaries later this year. “Heirs of Eden” and Hal’s earlier Bantam Books, award-winning novel, “Remember This Dream” are available at .

We want to thank all of our subscribers who have been loyal readers of our commentaries for the past 283 issues.

We’ll “see you” later this year.

Hal and Steve

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6 responses to ““Of Thee I Sing 1776” Going On Sabbatical”

  1. 1/2 a peach says:

    Your thoughtful and excellent comments will be missed. Have a great sabbatical, you both are entitled to one. Many thanks…..

  2. Irwin Yablans says:

    Please resume as soon as possible. I will miss your provocative commentary and the fun of composing acerbic responses. Looking forward to new book

  3. steve hardy says:

    Have a great summer. Look forward to a resumption of your commentaries later this year.

  4. susan duman says:

    I will miss you, but I understand. Please return before the election. The more we share the better informed we will be.

  5. John Thoresen says:

    Either way…… blog or sequel we will all experience the writing prowess of Hal going forward. Patience for the next installment of either or both is attainable, but the 2016 election will take center stage soon so hopefully the blog returns shortly.

  6. Sergio says:

    The working classCan kiss my arseI’ve got the fmorean’s job at lastI’m out of workAnd on the doleYou can stuff the Red FlagUp your hole. t Was on a Gibraltar’s rock, so fairI saw a maiden lying thereAnd as she lay in sweet reposeA puff of wind blew up her clothesA sailor who was passing byTipped his hat and winked his eyeAnd then he saw to his despairShe had the Red Flag flying thereAs I translate it

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