March 7, 2020

American Samoa: They Got it Right.

by Hal Gershowitz

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Pago Pago, American Samoa—

American Samoan caucus participants, all 351 of them, overwhelmingly voted for the candidate we think would have had the best chance of beating Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. Fifty percent of the American Samoan Democrats, all 175 of them, voted for Michael Bloomberg, who only spent $904 advertising there. No doubt, the endorsement of Samoan Chief Fa’alagiga Nina Tua’au-Glaude helped put Bloomberg over the top. So strong was Bloomberg’s support, he even trounced American Samoa’s native daughter, Tulsi Gabbard.

 But, alas, American Samoa’s overwhelming support was not enough to propel Bloomberg over the top in last Tuesday’s national primary extravaganza.  

Seriously, we believe Michael Bloomberg would have been a remarkably effective candidate against Donald Trump, notwithstanding this diminutive, former New York Mayor’s stop-and-frisk baggage, and the flogging he took over his firm’s non-disclosure agreements. The American Samoans embraced a brilliant, super achiever who, this writer believes, would have brought both wisdom and sound and well-reasoned decision making back to the oval office. 

Bloomberg’s accomplishments are really quite remarkable. He was first elected Mayor of New York immediately following the devastation of 911. He was called upon to run a huge and damaged city, which he did quite adroitly. As mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg had to perform quickly and competently. In the process, he earned the support and praise of virtually all ethnicities as well as the general electorate during his three terms in office. 

Under Michael Bloomberg’s leadership, New York City was like Phoenix rising out of the ashes. On 911 about 23,000 people lived in relatively close proximity to the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan’s financial district. One would have expected residents to flee the area. Instead, within a few years, under Bloomberg’s confidence-building leadership, the population tripled in the troubled financial district. He opened five new school buildings adding more than 4300 new classroom seats. He built baseball and soccer fields, basketball and beach volleyball courts and playgrounds, picnic grounds, bicycle lanes, the enormously popular highline, pedestrian plazas, esplanades and brought outdoor concerts and public art and even miniature golf to the area. Lower Manhattan is booming and Mayor Bloomberg deserves most of the credit. On a recent visit to lower Manhattan I could not help but be impressed by the vibrancy of the area. New hotels, parks, restaurants and crowds of young New Yorkers were everywhere simply enjoying their city.

The rise of the tech industry is also evident throughout lower Manhattan. In the years following 911 more than 600 tech companies employing thousands of people had cropped up everywhere throughout the area. It’s easy to forget that New York City lost more than 100,000 jobs in the aftermath of 911, but under Mike Bloomberg’s leadership private sector jobs were up over 400,000 a short time later.

Bloomberg is the real article; a self-made billionaire and a dedicated philanthropist who has, for years, contributed billions of hard-earned dollars to very worthwhile causes. No one gave Michael Bloomberg anything. He started from scratch, built a data-driven business providing real, tangible value to other businesses, and became one of the wealthiest men in the world in the process. Few entrepreneurs have earned so much and given away so much of what they earned. Today, his company employs 20,000 well paid workers.

While there will never be a President Bloomberg, Bloomberg is now committed to doing everything he can to help elect Joe Biden President of the United States. Biden’s biggest nemesis won’t be Donald Trump. It will be Joe Biden, or better stated, the Biden gaffe’s yet to come. Then, again, Biden will be running against a gaffer who will see him and raise him one throughout the coming campaign. 

And if the reader has grown sick of hearing Hunter Biden’s name brought up by President Trump at every opportunity, hold on to your hat, because President Trump will run against Joe Biden by regurgitating Hunter Biden’s name at every opportunity. Make false allegations often enough and people will come to believe them. (Quiz: Who taught us that?)

Hunter Biden’s service on the board of Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, was foolish and unseemly, but from all evidence to date, not illegal. He most certainly benefited from his family’s name. Sons and daughters and other relatives with meager talent trade on their family names all the time. In the 2020 election, Hunter Biden should be a minuscule issue of little importance. President Trump, however, will work hard to make Hunter a major issue. Trashing people is, after all, something the President does with abandon whenever it suits him. Think John McCain, Jim Mattis, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Seasons, Kirstjen Nielsen, Megan Kelly, Shepard Smith, Meryl Streep, Gold Star father, Khizr Khan and, well, anyone who displeases him.

So, it looks like it will be Trump against Biden. There will never be a Mike Bloomberg presidency and that seems to suit most Democrats just fine—most, but not all. There are the Pago Pago Democrats in American Samoa. We think they got it right.

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5 responses to “American Samoa: They Got it Right.”

  1. Ray Galante says:

    Unfortunately, Bloomberg’s “handlers” botched his debate skills. Hopefully, w/Biden win, he will have a top slot as Pres. advisor.

  2. Perry says:

    Biden quite frankly has proven himself to be prone to Dementia
    and would not make a good President. Say what you will about
    President Trump and his bullying ways he has been effective in
    policy and the numbers have proven it out whether it be the
    economy,employment or in foreign policy.

    To elect any Democratic candidate will further this nation to
    true socialism. Norman Thomas the first Socialist candidate for the presidency once stated over 60 years ago “That he will not run again for the presidency as the Democratic party has begun to institute his policies of socialism.

  3. James Fisher says:

    I share your high regard and respect for Mayor Bloomberg. He is certainly one of the most qualified to have run for president in modern times. His failure to catch on with fellow democrats in the slightest reminds me of a story I first heard in a college marketing class.

    It seems the manufacturer of very high end dog food company researched for years the optimal ingredients to satisfy a dog’s nutritional needs and to provide those ingredients in a new, highly-touted, healthy canine chow. After many months of disappointing sales the CEO called in his Marketing Manager and demanded to know the reason for the dismal sales of his flagship product.

    “Sir”, the Manager said… “it seems the dogs do not like the dog food!”

    Bloomberg’s candidacy in spades.

  4. Chris Haedt says:

    I agree with Perry. Unfortunately, our booming economy is being compromised by the Coronovirus, but it will come back. As we know, President Trump is not to blame for that.

  5. Roberta Conner says:

    Apparently, Mr. Bloomberg, while perhaps a competent mayor, lacks the personal charisma and gravitas to be considered seriously by democrats for national office. On the other hand, Joe Biden is widely revered for his homely style and personal charm – albeit with repeated gaffes and missteps. One of those most glaring missteps was allowing his son to serve on the Board of Burisma and digging the hole deeper by condoning that fact.

    I strongly disagree with you that the Hunter Biden issue is merely “foolish and unseemly” and since it was not “illegal” it should be a “minuscule issue of little importance.”

    President Trump is right to point to that situation as a most corrupt example of what is wrong with our government today. Too many insiders trading upon their political offices to line their own, and their family’s, pockets.

    It is unimaginable to me that right-thinking people – whether democrat or not – can promote Biden’s candidacy in light of the Burisma situation.

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